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BusyToDo User Guide

Table of Contents

BusyToDo Introduction

BusyToDo is a To Do list manager for iOS that syncs To Dos with BusyCal and OS X Reminders wirelessly through iCloud or a CalDAV Server. Syncing is automatic and happens in real-time as you make changes on your Mac or iOS device.

Busytodo Mac Iphone 460

If you use BusyCal or OS X Reminders on your Mac, and sync with iCloud or a CalDAV Server, BusyToDo is the ideal mobile companion.

Connecting to a Server

An iCloud or CalDAV Server account is required for using BusyToDo. The first time you launch BusyToDo you must enter your account login info.

Busytodo Connect 320

Once you enter your login info, BusyToDo will connect to the server and start syncing your To Dos in BusyCal or OS X Reminders.

List View

The List View shows your To Dos sorted by Due Date, Priority, Calendar or Title.

Busytodo Listview

Each row in the List View displays a Completed Checkbox, Title, Due Date, and icons representing the Priority, Alarm, Location Alarm, Recurrence, and Notes.

Busytodo List Icons


The Filters view allows you to specify the sorting and filtering options.

Busytodo Filters

Sort Order

You can sort To Dos by Due Date, Priority, Calendar or Title.

Busytodo Sort Order

To Dos are sub-sorted as follows:

Primary SortSecondary Sort
Due DatePriority, Title, Modification Date
PriorityDue Date, Title, Modification Date
CalendarDue Date, Priority, Title, Modification Date
TitleDue Date, Priority, Modification Date


You can filter To Dos by priority.

Busytodo Priority

Due Date

You can filter To Dos by date range.

Busytodo Filters Due Date


You can filter Completed To Dos by date range.

Busytodo Completed


You can filter Undated To Dos.

Busytodo Filters Undated


You can filter by calendar.

Busytodo Filter Calendars

Detail View

Tapping a To Do in the List View displays the Detail View where you can view and edit its attributes.

Busytodo Detail View

Each To Do includes a Status Checkbox, Title, Due Date, Priority, Calendar, Location, URL, Repeat, Alarms, and Notes. Most of the attributes are optional. You can assign default attributes for New To Dos in Settings.

Due Date

A To Do can be assigned a specific due date or no due date.

Busytodo Due Date


A To Do can be assigned a priority of High, Medium, Low or None.

Busytodo Priority


A To Do must be assigned to a Calendar.

Busytodo Calendar


You can create To Dos in BusyToDo that repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Or you can create To Dos with more sophisticated repeat intervals in BusyCal on Mac OS X and sync them with BusyToDo.

Busytodo Repeat


You can set one or more alarms for a To Do. The alarm will be displayed as an alert or banner, as specified in Notifications.

Busytodo Iphone Alarm

Typically, Alarms are set to trigger at a specific time (e.g. 8:00 AM) on the due date of the To Do, as specified in the New To Do Defaults. You can change the time and date for an alarm as follows.


To set the time for the alarm, tap the Time button and select a time.

Busytodo Alarm Time

Due Date

Select On due date to set the alarm for the same date as the due date.

Busytodo Alarm

Relative Date

To set a relative date for the alarm (like 1 day before the due date), tap the "Several days before" button and select a relative date for the alarm. Relative alarms are recommended so that you change the due date of a To Do, and the relative alarm will be automatically adjusted to the new due date.

Busytodo Alarm Relative

Absolute Date

To set an absolute date for an alarm, tap the "On date..." button and select a specific date for the alarm. Unlike Relative Alarm Dates, Absolute Alarm Dates will not change if the Due Date changes.

Busytodo Alarm Absolute

Location Alarms

Location alarms are displayed on an iPhone running iOS 5, when arriving or leaving the specified location. Location alarms can only be assigned to To Dos that are stored on iCloud calendars.

To create a location alarm, create a To Do on an iCloud calendar, then tap Alarm > At location, to open the Location view.

Busytodo Location1

Then select an address (either your Current Location or an Address from your Contacts), and choose whether to be alerted when you arrive or leave that location.

Busytodo Location2

The address will be displayed in the Location field and the Alarm field.

Busytodo Location3

A Location icon will appear next to the To Do in the List View.

Busytodo Location4

By default, Location alarms will trigger each time you arrive or leave a location. You may also set a specific date and time when you want to be reminded, regardless of whether or not you reach the location. Location alarms will continue triggering each time you reach a location until you complete the task or delete it.


The alarms are displayed in the style chosen in Home > Settings > Notifications.

Busytodo Notifications

You can choose the following options:

  • Notification Center — show BusyToDo Alarms in the Notification Center.
  • Show — number of alarms to show in the Notification Center.
  • Alert Style — the style of alert to display.
  • Badge App Icon — shows the number of To Dos that are due today or past due.
  • Sounds — play a sound when an alarm triggers.
  • View in Lock Screen — display alarms when screen is locked.
Busytodo Badge


Tap the gear icon on the lower right of the List View to display the Settings View.

New To Do Defaults

You can set defaults for new To Dos including a default Due Date, Calendar, Priority, and Alarm.

Busytodo New Todo Defaults


You can sync with multiple iCloud or CalDAV Server accounts.

Busytodo Accounts

Add Account

To add an account, tap Add Account and enter the account information.

Busytodo Add Account

Edit Account

To edit an existing account, tap its name to display the Edit Accounts View where you may change the password or delete the account.

Busytodo Edit Account